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The Institute of Experimental Physics of the Slovak Academy of Sciences (IEP SAS) in Košice was established by the SAS Presidium on January 1st, 1969.

The areas of interest at the Institute of Experimental Physics (IEP) include, but are not limited to, basic research in condensed matter physics, sub-nuclear physics, space physics, biophysics as well as in selected areas of chemical, biological sciences, and nanotechnolgies. The current organization of the Institute presents 7 research departments and 3 laboratories:

  • Department of Space Physics
  • Department of Subnuclear Physics
  • Department of Magnetism
  • Department of Low Temperature Physics
  • Department of Metal Physics
  • Department of Biophysics
  • Department of Theoretical Physics
  • Laboratory of Experimental Chemical Physics
  • Laboratory of Materials Physics
  • Laboratory of Nanomaterials and Applied Magnetism
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