Mobility and Reintegration Programme: MoRe Pro


Programme MoRePro is Mobility and Reintegration Programme of the Slovak Academy of Sciences. It represents an effort of SAS to attract outstanding researchers and provide them with adequate conditions and support for their scientific work. It is also a means of internationalisation, support of mobility as an inherent part of the scientific career, and finally, help Slovak researchers with returning back home.

MoRe Professionals needed…

MoRePro Programme of the Slovak Academy of Sciences (SAS) offers high level of freedom in choosing the best suiting research topic as well as adequate funding for its investigation. Successful applicants can be hired for up to 4 year-long stay.

SAS has quality infrastructure in its disposal together with the wide network of active national and international cooperation. Its 45 scientific organisations guarantee possibilities of inter- and multidisciplinary approach.

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