Science Lair during Science and Technology Week: About Materials


IEP SAS in Košice, together with OZ Vedecký brloh had prepared an online talk which was held within the Science and Technology Week. Another episode of the Science Lair in school was premiered on Monday, November 8, 2021, at 2PM on the Science Lair Facebook page. The About Materials episode was held as a a replacement for the classic Open Day format at our institute, when pupils and students have visited our laboratories in large numbers.

The video invites to a virtual visit to the four laboratories of the Department of Magnetic Phenomena Physics. In the Technological Laboratory, Matúš Mihálik presented the equipment used for the preparation of monocrystals. In addition, he showed how easily they can grow crystals from an aqueous solution at home. Katarína Paulovičová presented magnetic fluids in the Chemical Laboratory, which are prepared for basic and applied research in the field of energy as well as biomedicine. Michal Rajňák closed the trio of lecturers, who explained the difference between a permanent magnet and electromagnet, showed the students how to wind up a small electromagnet and test it at home. After that, following devices used to characterize magnetic materials were described: electromagnet (Laboratory of Dielectric Measurements) and superconducting magnet (Laboratory of High Magnetic Fields). Along with the video, a worksheet will be published which can serve as an expanding subject for magnetism and crystals.