Time travel is becoming reality


Theoretical physicist of the IEP SAS, RNDr. Richard Pinčák, PhD., in collaboration with colleagues from Italy, Denmark and Saudi Arabia recently published significant article in the field of cosmology entitled “The “Emerging” Reality from “Hidden” Spaces” in the well-known journal Universe. This article immediately caught interest of the scientists and have become Highly accessed article.

The article presents new aspects of the “emerging space” concept as a geometrical/topological approach in the cosmological field and points to direct relationship between strings and dark matter. The approach used within the publication shows that reality which we observe can be “emerging” part of more complex hidden structure. Dr. Pinčák and the co-authors have mathematically proven, that we may be able to time-travel but only as observers who are not able to manipulate events, so we would not be able to change the past, only trace it. This would not be possible using the original “grandfather paradox” approach. In this context, a string theory – based approach gains on importance and the innovative aspect lies in the possibility that the string is created from the interaction between specific dimensions of the universe (see picture).

More information about the topic written in popular form can be found in Reccom Magazine in the article „A chance to travel in time through the emerging reality from hidden spaces“.

Original author: R. Pinčák